Delectably delicious and uniquely decorated cupcakes are also available for all occasions, which can be personalised according to your colour and party theme.  Perfect for bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, birthdays or any other event.

A minimum order of 20 is required.

Cupcakes have seen a meteoric rise to fame over the recent years, benefiting a lot from the resurgence of baking these little cakes as well as the recent trend of wedding cupcakes.

Some argue that they’ve come and gone, that the trend is now over and the time of cupcakes is on the wane, but we at Flair4Cakes disagree. These little treats have enjoyed a strong resurgence and are still going from strength to strength. The use of large cupcake stands in place of the traditional cakes used for weddings and birthdays has been key in the rise of them and they are still very popular in Brighton today.

We have cupcakes almost every day and you have to remember the tradition of tea and cakes in Britain. Even today the traditional cupcake is a small Victoria sponge with a little bit of icing served with jam and tea.  How could you say no to that?

But it gets better. Our head baker and proprietor at Flair4Cakes has turned her talents to cupcakes in Brighton and can expand on the simple Victoria sponge version of this classic.  From our festive cupcakes that have a whole Christmas Tree on them, to our more elegant cupcakes with a simple icing formation and solitary butterfly on top, you can be sure we have the best cupcakes in Brighton.

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