Different types of wedding cakes


A wedding cake has always been a very traditional part of a couple’s big day. It was originally a luxury item and so a sign of celebration, and for those who were in the position of wanting to assert themselves; the bigger the cake, the higher the social standing. They were traditionally fruit cakes topped with marzipan and icing with tiers and the cutting of the cake was a big part of the reception. As with all other areas of weddings these days, they don’t need to be as traditional as they were. In the same way that all weddings aren’t in churches and brides don’t always wear white, wedding cakes no longer have to be the traditional white, 3 tiered norm. If you want something a bit different there are options available that anyone making wedding cakes Brighton wide will be able to offer you.

Cakes no longer just have to be fruit; fruit cake can be an expensive choice and so many people are opting for sponge instead, or a combination of the two with a fruit base and sponge tiers. You definitely aren’t restricted of plain sponge either, is chocolate your favourite? Then why not have a chocolate cake. You can still ice it white if you wanted or go for something a bit less conventional.

Not all cakes are white now, people are picking a range of colours for a range of reasons. It could be the bride isn’t wearing white and they want the colour of the cake to match the colour theme of the wedding. Some are even doing novelty cakes with humorous references to where they live, their hobbies or even their favourite football team!

The last few years have of course been all about cupcakes, and a pyramid of cupcakes instead of a standard cake is increasingly popular as something a bit different, something flexible in colour, decoration and style, and also more convenient to distribute than cutting the cake and wrapping it in serviettes.

If you want to keep it traditional there’s nothing to say you can’t keep it that way, but the kind of wedding cake you have is no longer limited to the range that is available but only to your and your baker’s imagination.

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