Lewes Linklater Pavilion

Lewes Pavillion Cake in Brighton

Recently we offered our services free of charge to help with the fundraising for Lewes Linklater Pavilion in Lewes, just outside of Brighton.  Cakes are a great way to kick off celebrations, and celebrate we did when the Railway Land Wildlife Trust celebrated it’s 25th anniversary.

The Pavilion itself is set to become a centre of learning focusing particularly on renewable energy as the centre itself has quite a few green initiatives incorporated into it, creating a centre that leaves behind little to no carbon footprint.

Flair4Cakes have a strong social conscious and were there at the launch party for the Lewes Linklater Pavilion.  We were there not only to show our support for the project, but also because we had baked a Special Cake for the launch.

There were two cakes that we created.  One of the Pavilion in high detail, and the other as a scale of the countryside that this remarkable project is set in.

This was no easy feat as the Pavilion itself is high in detail, especially as two of the six sided walls of this hexagonal building are built using 6 different types of building bricks on each side which are also very different from each other.

Lewes Linklater Cake Brighton

Another challenge was also creating the large cake that depicts the landscape surrounding the Pavilion.  This part of the cake was over 6ft long and really required a lot of detail as there were houses, fields, lakes, trees and more.

As this was for a good cause we also provided the cake free of charge as we believe in strong community spirits. The Pavilion is heavily reliant on donations and needs all the help it can get.  That’s why it was a pleasure giving our time, energy and effort into such a good cause.

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For more information on the Lewes Linklater Pavilion Click Here.

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